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Join the Pleygo LEGO® Holiday Brick Drive Campaign for Generation Rescue

www.anaphoto.netWe’ve been doing some rebuilding of The Learning Treehouse and I only wish it could be built of LEGO® for a whole bunch of reasons. The first is that I’ve recently learned about Pleygo, which is a Netflix-like service that you join to have rental LEGO kits delivered to your door. Your little engineer can build it and then you choose a new one, return the one you have and eagerly await the next.

Why I’m Loving Pleygo

It’s a brilliant idea–if you have a LEGO builder in your house you know exactly how expensive it can get. And if you’re like us and have a Kid Tester with an autism spectrum disorder, you also know the appeal the clickable bricks have for certain kids on the spectrum. I repeat, it can get expensive! So, I love Pleygo, especially since you can choose from three different levels of membership depending on how complicated the sets your builder is into.

The Cost of Brick Building and Autism

With a kiddo with an ASD, I’m also incredibly aware of the expense of treatment. It’s one of the reasons The Learning Treehouse has been on hiatus; I’ve been working on other contracts and finishing my second book to make sure we can afford to keep everyone fed, happy and healthy.

It is hard to make ends meet when you’re dealing with autism treatment costs. Generation Rescue is a national non-profit organization that provides immediate treatment assistance, information and hope to families affected by autism.

Pleygo LEGO® Holiday Brick Drive Campaign

Pleygo and Generation Rescue are teaming up to “build” awareness a with the “Pleygo LEGO Holiday Brick Drive for Generation Rescue” through January 2014. They’re collecting LEGO bricks for Generation Rescue-affiliated doctors’ offices and medical facilities and raising funds for ASD research via online donations and proceeds collected from Pleygo during the campaign period.

Co-founder of Pleygo. Elina Furman says: “We are impressed by the work Generation Rescue has done towards funding innovative Autism research and helping to improve the quality of life for children with ASD. Pleygo is proud to support Generation Rescue’s efforts and we hope that the annual Holiday Brick Drive becomes a long standing tradition that will bring much need resources and attention to this worthy cause.

You can join the drive by filling out filling out the donation registration form and all who donate LEGO bricks get one-month Pleygo Super Fan subscription (worth $25.00). Pleygo will sanitize all donated LEGO and ship them to offices for therapeutic play purposes.

So, please consider all those LEGO bricks tucked away in your attic or stowed under your child’s bed. Are you using them? Could someone like my child benefit from using them? If you’re not using them, head over to Pleygo and make a donation. On the behalf of my LEGO-building child with ASD, let me offer you a “thank you!”

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