My Modern Family is Part of MOFY Nation, Is Yours?


One of the best workshops I went to at the BlogHer conference in Chicago last month was a roundtable discussion on Modern Family sponsored by USA Network. I’ll admit the thing that initially drew me in was that I am a huge fan of the show Modern Family, but what kept me there was the fascinating conversation and information about what modern families look like. Not to mention, I was thrilled to learn that Modern Family will be on USA starting on September 24th.

That’s because my own family is a modern family in a number of ways.

One of the pieces of the conversation was the presentation of a special Curve Report put out by NBCUniversal Integrated Media about the changing face of the Modern Family. The report highlighted how different families look than the traditional view of family.

Some families are single-parents and kids; some are couples raising non-biological children together, but the overarching point was that “family” no longer consists of a stay-at-home mom, a working father and their charming 2.5 biological children. That is, if families ever really looked like that.

Which circles back both to my love of the show Modern Family and, to some degree, my own family. Modern Family is funny because the characters are real, the situations they find themselves are real, and their complicated feelings toward one another are real.

Those are the same things that make the show so endearing; it’s all about non-traditional families and the chaos and love that comes with them.

Let me tell you about my modern family and the chaos and love that comes with us. My husband and I have been married not quite a decade. It’s a second marriage for both of us and he’s a wonderful stepfather to my children from my previous marriage. We also have a biological child together, and though the two older children and he are half-siblings, the word “half” never, ever comes up.

The older two children have a biological dad still in the picture, and their feelings about him are complex, as are his feelings about our family. It creates chaos, but it also creates some of the most amazing moments that bring us all closer together as a family.

My husband is a computer programmer by training, but a stay-at-home-dad by circumstance (he blogs his experiences with fatherhood on My Happy SAHD Life). I’m a education/parenting writer and an author. I have a book that just came out, The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book, another one in the works, and do a bunch of other writing.

We’re busy, we’re nontraditional, we’re a modern family and I’m proud to say we’re part of MOFY Nation, the home for Modern Family fans on USA Network.

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Amanda Morin is author of The Everything Kids' Learning Activities Book, a former teacher/early intervention specialist and mother of three. She is the writer and editor for’s Kids’ Learning Activities site, a regular contributor to PopSugar Moms and her parenting articles have been featured on and, among other sites. Amanda knows that hands-on, fun activities are the best way to promote learning and wants to provide parents with the information they need to find products that promote fun learning.

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