Bubble Wrap? Learning in Unexpected Ways


Susan Smith/Flickr/CCL

Susan Smith/Flickr/CCL

Here at the Let’s Talk Learning headquarters, as we prepare for the release of The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book, we’ve been working on another venture, too. More details to come later, but what’s important to know is that it means we’re getting a whole bunch of packages of exciting learning toys and learning-related products to look at.


I’m excited to see all the products and the really interesting learning opportunities they provide and I thought the kiddos would be, too.


My middle guy is kind of interested, depending on what’s inside the box, but my littlest guy is (at first) more interested in the bubble wrap that comes inside all these boxes.
He’s not all that little–he’s a preschooler–so it’s not the “crawl inside the box and check it out” kind of interest you see in babies and toddlers, it’s different.

It’s a learning opportunity in an unexpected place.

You see, he’s not real keen on loud noises or the feel of certain types of objects. We’re well aware of the implications and are working with him on that, but these giant sheets of bubble wrap have been such a gift.

They make a huge noise when they pop because they’re industrial-sized sheets. They’re squishy, they’re big and they’re intimidating. I thought they’d have to be pushed to the side never to be seen again, but I was wrong.
Those sheets of bubble wrap are now running end-to-end from our living room to our dining room and the little guy runs, jumps and rolls on them. He asks us to put his shoes on so he can make it louder. He asks for the “big” people in the family to walk on them because we make it pop louder.

He’s learning to modulate his own fear and sensory reaction by being in control of it. That’s so cool!

Tell me, how does your child learn in unexpected ways?


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