Muffin Tin Money Sorting


Muffin tins are one of the most useful learning tools you have hanging around the house! 

This weekend, my littlest guy wanted to see how much money was in his “monkey bank.” (Just in case you don’t know, that’s a piggy bank shaped like a monkey.) In any event, he’s young enough that he doesn’t get an allowance yet and just relies on the pocket change he charms friends and family out of. So far, it has served him well. 

Since he is just starting to recognize the difference between the coins and isn’t really ready to count change yet, I thought it would be a good idea to have him help sort it all out.

We started off by putting a penny in one muffin cup, a nickel in second cup, a dime in a third cup and a quarter in yet another muffin cup. Then we got to it. It took a little help, but he was able to match all the coins up in the right muffin tin. And he had enough money to buy himself a toy!

If I had thought ahead of time, I think I would have glued one of each coin on the bottom of a muffin cup liner and kept them to play this game another time. 

How would you improve on Muffin Tin Money Sorting?

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