New Moonfrye App Combines Creativity, Creative Content

Image courtesy of  Moonfrye

Image courtesy of Moonfrye

Today marks the launch of the fun, family-friendly, and engaging mobile iPhone app Moonfrye. It’s an app designed to provide families with a way to create and share photo memories, while keeping the whole family engaged, inspired and amused.

If you’re a child of the 80s then you probably know the name Soleil Moon Frye, but you may not know that she’s made a graceful and powerful entry into the parenting space with her company Moonfrye.

Moonfrye celebrates parents by giving them creative, engaging content and  ideas for incorporating play and learning into family life. provides a web community to support that celebration and the new Moonfrye app gives parents and children a way to bring that celebration with them.

I had a chance to look at the app before it launched on iTunes today and I’m very taken with it.

The Moonfrye App in Action

The basic premise is simple: You can create either a collage or a photo cutout using your iPhone’s photo library or camera and put those photos into a variety of different themes and backgrounds. Then you and your children can work together to decorate the collage, using any number of themed “stickers.”

memory (1)There are a number of themes to choose from, each of which one has a themed-background and stickers and entertaining audio to go with it, and each week Moonfrye will be adding two new themes.

Of the current themes, I have to say that the 80s theme is my favorite. Mr. Learning Treehouse was even gracious enough to let me send him back in time, though it’s just not the same without his hairband musician hair!



As you can see by some of the examples the Moonfrye team came up with the “Create Your Own Theme” option is equally as amusing; you have the autonomy to decorate however you wish or put people in whatever hilarious situations you want.

App Combines Creativity and Creative Content

While the basic premise is simple, what the app can do is anything but simple. Once you’ve created your collage, there are a number of different things you can do, the most intriguing of which is to access suggested companion activities on to extend the fun and learning with your child.

It’s intriguing because the developers have done a fantastic job of matching DIY activity ideas to the themes you use to organize your photos. For example, I created this goofy collage called “Are you having cake?” and the first companion activity that came up was this one: DIY Flameless Birthday Candles. It’s a great match, right?


For modern families who are spread far and wide, relying on social media to strengthen bonds, the social sharing aspect of the app is intriguing, too.

You can save your creation to your iPhone, email or message it to friends or family, share it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and even print it from your phone. (Not to mention the more you share, the more you’re able to unlock additional themes and stickers.)

Moonfrye App is Easy to Use

One of the things I’m asked most often by parents when I talk about educational and family apps is, “Okay, so it’s creative and fun, but is it easy to use?” For this app, the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

photo 3It’s intuitive, it’s easy for little fingers to navigate and the app is self-contained and ad-free, so there’s no chance that your child will click on an ad and cyber-wander or accidentally buy something you don’t want.

The worst that can happen is that the wrong photos are imported, your collage isn’t saved, your child will end up on Moonfrye’s suggested content or featured memories page, or your children will squabble over what decorations to use. That’s not too bad.

Congrats, Moonfrye!

For now, the Moonfrye App is available and optimized for iPhone, though the company does plan to move to make the app available on other platforms soon. I’ll let you know when that happens, because you can be sure I’ll be in line to put it on the Android devices and iPad in our house.

Congratulations, Moonfrye on finding a creative and engaging way to bring families closer together, using the very technology that has the potential to help them drift apart!

Disclosure: The Learning Treehouse was provided with a sneak-peek preview of this app  to help facilitate this review, but all opinions and thoughts are our own.

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