Peppa Pig’s Sports Day App is Kid-Safe Fun

photo 1Peppa Pig’s Sports Day from P2 Games Limited is a collection of 7 fun games and activities for preschool age children. The games feature Peppa Pig and friends, characters from the the beloved NickJr children’s’ television show. The games include 4 tap the screen to run style sports games, 2 activities in which kids can make a custom project, and 1 sticker book. Your kiddos can win stickers to use in the sticker book  by competing in the sports games.

Peppa Pig’s Sports Day Was a Hit in Our House

As an educator, I think I sometimes forget that not everything kids do has to have blatant educational goals for it to be of value, and as Kid Tester #1 played with this app, I was reminded that when a child’s mind is engaged, he’s learning something.  I say that because at first I couldn’t see how Peppa Pig’s Sport Day was teaching anything different than other apps, and while it doesn’t offer anything uniquely different, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer up any learning opportunities.

In fact, I had to practically wrestle the iPad away from KT #1 long enough to look at the app closely to take screenshots and review it, and any time I’m in view with the device he now asks “When you’re done, can I play Peppa Pig? Please? Please? Please?”

photo 3Making Sundaes with Peppa Pig

The project activities are  what he loved best, particularly the ice-cream sundae making game.  Your child can make ice cream with a choice of ingredients and decorations by tapping the ingredients and mixing them by dragging a spoon back and forth.

There’s also a rosette-making game in which ribbons and colors can be chosen to make a rosette that will appear in the games after it is created, but it wasn’t as captivating to KT #1 as the ice cream game.

Then there’s the  bonus sticker book. It  has four different pages, each with a different setting, onto which your child  can drag the stickers won in the sports games to create pictures. The stickers can be resized and moved on the page any number of times.

photo 2Peppa Pig’s Sports Day

The sports game selection consists of an obstacle race, the long jump, tug of war, and bicycle race events. Each can be played in either single player mode or up to 4 player multiplayer mode. In multiplayer games, each child chooses a character and drags it to his circle in a corner of the screen. This circle is the area that the child will tap to make the character perform the activity. (Just a head’s up: It’s a little tough to manage multiplayer with an iPad mini!)

The long jump and bicycle races simply involve tapping your circle faster to run or pedal faster, and slower to go slower. Similarly, tap the circle faster to make the characters pull harder in the tug of war. In the obstacle race, the characters run by themselves and the child taps the circle to jump over obstacles.

Peppa Pig’s Sports Day is Kid-Safe Fun

Peppa Pig’s Sports Day is a P2 Kid Safe App, which P2 describes as an app that has no in-game purchasing options, and no data about playing habits, location, or device being used. The game plays in offline mode, so an Internet connection is not required.

We loved the high quality of the app, and experienced no glitches all all while KT#1 and the adults played all of the games. The music is cute and the narrator has a fun and pleasing tone. This is in contrast to some apps we have used where the narration was sweet and saccharine.

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