Playful Learning’s eCourse Put Ups and Put Downs Get TwoThumb’s Up

My kid-testers and I recently had a chance to participate in the Playful Learning Ecademy  online course, Teaching Kids Kindness: Put Ups and Put Downs and it was a great course.

By the end, both of my kid testers had learned new vocabulary to express how things make them (and other people) feel and gained some insight into the fact that how you say something is just as important as what you say.

Let me back up by saying if you don’t know the Playful Learning wesbite, you are missing out on a fantastic resource for activities to promote everyday learning.

It’s run by Mariah Bruehl, author of the book Playful Learning: Develop Your Child’s Sense of Joy and Wonder, and is the winner of a Parent’s Choice Gold Medal award. It’s good stuff.

In any event, Playful Learning has branched out into offering online courses for parents and kids to participate in together. The ecourses are built around important life skills and can be completed at your own pace.

Put Ups and Put Downs Gets Two Thumbs Up

Put Ups and Put Downs, was all about teaching kids about the power of the words they use. Put Ups are words and deeds that help someone feel better about themselves and Put Downs help to tear someone down.


Image via Playful Learning

Mariah uses a very specific and powerful image to convey this–a red paper heart from which a piece is torn with every Put Down.

More importantly, she teaches kids that those tears don’t have to be permanent; a Put Up can help repair the damage.

It gives kids a concrete way to understand bullying and to convey kindness, and the lessons provides numerous tips about how to turn those Put Downs around. It’s an important lesson for kids to learn–that they is a way to turn things around.


One of the things I like best of all was that the videos for kids were narrated by kids. It made this course so much more relatable for my kid testers.

As I said, this ecourse was great. It has a video for parents to watch to introduce the concepts of the course and it has videos for kids, as well as suggested reading, printables, online activities for participants around the globe and more.

At $17, it’s also a bargain. Teaching your kids kindness is a priceless, life-long lesson.

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