Back-to-School Tips for Visual Learners–YouTube Style


It’s the season for Back-to-School tips blog posts and articles. I’ve been writing a fair share of them myself, including some specialized tips for helping children with special needs transition back to school (and how their parents can prepare, too). Interestingly, I hadn’t thought about tips and lists for visual learners until I saw YouTube’s back-to-school tips. It’s not the tips that make this piece unique, it’s the way they’re presented.

Sure, it’s a top 10 list featuring ideas about shopping for school supplies, prepping for college, getting your wardrobe in order–all the things you’d expect from a back-to-school checklist.

But the really cool thing is that YouTube has worked really hard to compile the best videos to support each tip. So, if you don’t do well retaining information through reading, you don’t have to. You can watch and learn and from education, fashion, beauty, organization and college prep gurus.

It’s a nice variety of videos, too, not just a bunch of generic links to channels and categories. Personally, I loved learning how to calculate Pi using real pie–the idea appealed to both the g33k and the pie-lover in me. And Kid Tester #2, who will have a locker for the first time this year and is a visual learner will definitely benefit from the locker organization tip videos.

So, since I’m trying to reach out to all of you who need to see it to learn it, I’m keeping this post short and sending you over to YouTube to check out some very cool back-to-school tips. Let us know what you think. In keeping with the visual learning them, you don’t even have to write your comment, just leave us an emoticon.

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