Bedtime Math Book Really is an Excuse to Stay Up Late (Review)

BedtimeMathBedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late, by Laura Overdeck provides a way to bring a quick burst of learning into your child’s day. The book really is a an excuse to stay up late.

In fact, it was I, not the Kid Testers who stayed up late reading this book! This well-planned, skill-scaffolding book will not only captivate your child, but also keep her brain sharp, too.

About the Bedtime Math Movement

Although the Bedtime Math book is new, Bedtime Math movement is not. Ms. Ovedeck saw how intriguing math problems at bedtime were to her own children and began the Bedtime Math Foundation, the mission of which is “to make nightly math as common and beloved as the bedtime story.”

The Bedtime Math website contains a wealth of resources for parents and educators alike, from a parent’s blog to everyday math problems to math calendars and the Bedtime Math iPhone/iPad app, which is one the top 20 free education apps on iTunes.

But, Back to the Bedtime Math Book

The website and all its information aside, the Bedtime Math book is a great and simple way to bring your family together at the end of a busy day and create a new routine. One of the things I liked most about the book is that from the very beginning, Overdeck makes clear that Bedtime Math isn’t supposed to be a high-pressure activity. In fact, among other things, her introduction says:

  • Don’t sweat it.
  • It’s an activity, not a test.
  • Don’t worry.

If you or your child fight against math anxiety or have some math phobia, those words should reassure you that in the pages to come you’re not going to feel overwhelmed.

Bedtime Math from the Teacher-Mom Perspective

It’s tough to narrow down all the great things about this book. Physically, it’s a sturdy, hardback, which means it’s likely to withstand all the wear and tear of little hands. (It also managed to survive a fall from Kid Tester #2’s loft bed.)

But the real greatness is inside the book, which is divided into five chapters that explore math in thematic ways. Each chapter teaches about a number of different things, ranging from kangaroos to LEGOS. Every page talks a little the concepts, giving some background info that’s not only interesting and entertaining, but also used in the accompanying math problems.

There are three different levels of word problems: Wee Ones, Little Kids and Big Kids. There’s no age range placed on the problems, which I really like, as it means that the focus is on your child’s skill level, not how old he is. And, as your child gets older, the book sort of grows with him. He can go back to each page and the more complex problems.

Bedtime Math is a Great Math in Daily Life Experience

This approach to teaching math, known as scaffolding, helps your child build upon his existing skills and means he’s not having to relearn skills he already has mastered. It’s a fantastic way to teach and very much in line with STEM learning and the Common Core Standards.

If you’re looking for a way to bring math into your child’s daily life without making it seemed forced and a way to stave off the dreaded summer brain drain, this book is the perfect place to

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