Review: CHERISH the First 6 Weeks is a Must-Read + {Giveaway}

If Helen Moon is half as gentle and encouraging with new parents as she is in her book, Cherish the First Six Weeks: A Plan that Creates Calm, Confident Parents and a Happy, Secure Baby then it’s no wonder she’s such a highly-sought after baby nurse and specialist. Ms. Moon’s incredible skill and confidence in her ability to help new parents learn to take care of their newborns is clear in the easy-to-read, informative book.


“Like the baby whisperer”

And it’s no wonder that Sir Elton John and David Furnish said, “She’s like the baby whisperer.” From the very first page of CHERISH, Ms. Moon makes it clear that this is not another book telling parents how to raise their children.

In fact, she makes sure to let parents know that she is of the opinion that most parents have good instincts when it comes to child-rearing, instincts that get lost, muddled and second-guessed in the flood of advice and warnings from other parents and parenting experts.

CHERISH is Truly a Guide

Instead, CHERISH establishes Ms. Moon as a guide, setting parents on the path to trusting those instincts while teaching the ways to make those first tiring, trying weeks with a newborn a time for bonding and establishing a healthy routine. In a book filled with illuminating examples from her own experience as a baby specialist (much of it with celebrities), Moon walks parents through the steps of CHERISH:

Consistency, Happy Habits, Eating & Sleeping, Involvement, Self-Soothing and Health.

Along the way she not only explains each concept in a way that makes you feel as though you’re simply having a conversation with her, but also provides sample schedules, charts and anecdotes for illustration.

Every New Parent Should Read CHERISH

As I read this book, I felt myself wishing I’d had it to turn to when my own children were infants. Then I started trying to think of all the people I know who have babies or who are having babies so I could send them a copy of the book (watch out ladies and expect some mail!).

It’s not only what Ms. Moon imparts that captivated me, it’s how she does it. I’ve read many parenting books over the years and CHERISH has something many of them are lacking–an inherent trust in the abilities of parents.

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