The Quick & Easy Baby Knits Book is Unique, Adorable and Easy!

Image courtesy of Stackpole Publishing

Image courtesy of Stackpole Publishing


One of the things that’s great about being a niche writer is meeting other niche writers who have expertise in all different fields.

My friend and colleague, Sarah E. White, has an incredible wealth of knowledge in crafting. She’s the Knitting Expert, runs the website Our Daily Craft, writes about knitting for Craft Gossip and is the author of two books.

Her latest book, Quick & Easy Baby Knits: 21 Cute Comfy Projects, was published and hit shelves last month, just as mine did. So we have been calling ourselves “book buddies.” (If you haven’t seen my book, The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book, you can see Sarah’s review of it on Our Daily Craft.)

A Little About the Author

Sarah comes from a long line of talented knitters, cross-stitchers, and quilters. Her mother and grandmother are crafters, and her young daughter is likely to be one, too. It’s a talent I wish I shared, but I seem to have the knitter’s equivalent of two left feet.

That doesn’t mean I don’t know a good pattern when I see one or appreciate a well-knitted item, and luckily Mr. Learning Treehouse’s mother is a fantastic knitter, so we looked over Quick & Easy Baby Knits together.

A Lot About the Book

SarahsBook2Sarah has created an exceptional book with some really cute and unique patterns. The first thing to catch my attention was the fact that every pattern in the book is accompanied by photos of the stitches being made and a baby wearing the finished product. The photos are clear, crisp and, frankly, just adorable.

Mr. Learning Treehouse’s mother pointed out this is the only knitting book she’s ever seen that tells you what size the writer knitted and how old the baby wearing it in the pictures is.

To her, that alone was a reason to buy the book. She commented that if she were to use a different brand of yarn or use the pattern to knit something for a bigger or smaller kiddo, she can use that information to adjust the pattern.

It was also of note to her that Sarah takes the time to talk about how the different yarns feel and work up, something that really helps a knitter make a decision about what yarn to use for a particular project.

SarahsBook3Me and my two left knitting hands really appreciated that not only are Sarah’s directions easy to understand and follow, but that she also added directions for beginners or to explain a stitch a reader might not be familiar with.

Add that to the “project tips” to help you through a more difficult pattern, and the book really is for an audience with a wide range of abilities and knowledge.

The Bottom Line

Quick & Easy Baby Knits: 21 Cute Comfy Projects is a truly unique book for knitters. If you’re teaching your child to knit or simply have a child to knit for, you’re going to want to buy this book. It’s available at all the usual places, including Amazon, but also can be found at JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels and Hobby Lobby stores, too.

Congratulations, book buddy! You’ve done a great job.

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