Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer Inflatable Shuttle is Cleared for Fun!

What kid doesn’t want to be an astronaut, even if for just a little while?  The Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer inflatable space shuttle is the perfect toy to get your little astronaut’s imagination going.  Aside from inflating the shuttle, there is no assembly needed so your child can pretend to blast into orbit right away.

What’s This Space Mission All About?

The shuttle was nicely packed, with a small patch kit included for leaks. It has three valves for filling, one for the windshield bubble, one for the wings, and one for the body and tail.

Mr. Learning Treehouse started to fill it with an air compressor, but it was actually easier to fill it  by blowing into the valves and it was a quick process. In fact, deflation actually took longer, when you take into account that with three air compartments that you need to squeeze the valves to let the air out and the perpetual parent struggle of trying to fit a deflated toy back into its original box.

2013-05-31 09.59.20The construction is really out of this world for an inflatable toy! It’s sturdy and just really cool.  The windshield bubble is has a view of earth when you look through it. Your child sits straddling the seat compartment with his legs on either side of the shuttle, which is so detailed that it has pretend seatbelts,and a dashboard filled with printed on controls. It also has a handle on the dashboard that makes the shuttle easy to carry around.

 (Just make sure to place the shuttle on a surface free from anything that might puncture it. We speak from experience. Luckily Aeromax anticipated parents like the Learning Treehouses and included that patch kit!)

But The COOLEST Thing…Mission Space Videos!

2013-05-31 09.58.15There are two QR codes on the front of the shuttle, that when scanned, play videos about the space shuttle. One has footage of a shuttle launch, continued by astronauts working on the shuttle and doing space walks at the international space station.

The second video is about some of the same astronauts and the many firsts for the crews. It’s a great way for your child to learn more about people  like the first African American in space, the first female shuttle pilot, the first doctor in space, and the first married couple in space.

 Our Little Astronaut Loved the Detail

KT#1 immediately went into astronaut mode. He made flying sounds, worked the controls, and when asked a question,  responded  with : “Roger that.” The windshield bubble gave his astronaut play such a realistic feel, as did the the QR codes linking to the videos.

We scanned them on both an Android phone and an iPad–the iPad was the preferred viewing simply because it was larger–and after KT #1 watched the videos, he immediately jumped back on the shuttle and pretended to launch and talk on his radio.

The Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer Inflatable Space Shuttle is Cleared for Takeoff

There is not much we didn’t like about the Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer Inflatable Space Shuttle. The construction is about on par with any other inflatable toy, so you need to be careful not to puncture it. It does come with a patch kit for small leaks. With some care, this shuttle should give your child good deal of play time.

Disclosure: The Learning Treehouse was provided with an Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer Shuttle to facilitate this review, but all opnions and thoughts are our own.


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