Why We Love KleenSlate Dry Erase Paddles!


Have you ever seen a product so cool and so seemingly simple that you can’t believe someone didn’t come up with it sooner? That’s the way I feel about KleenSlate Dry Erase paddles.

And, I suppose it’s good that somebody didn’t come up with them sooner, because former teacher Julia Rhodes and the team at KleenSlate Concepts has done a fantastic job of creating a lightweight, self-contained, hardy white board that kids can use both for fun and learning.

What are Kleen Slate Paddles?

The paddles come in a variety of shapes and colors, as well as having a number of different surfaces to choose from. For instance, you could have a rectangular paddle with a graphing surface on one side and handwriting lines on the other or you could have a round paddle with a blank surface on both sides.

And the cool thing is that the company sells replacement sheets so you can change out the pattern depending on what your child wants to use the paddles for.

When I first had a chance to take a look at the KleenSlate paddles, they were primarily marketed to classrooms and they were sold in large quantities. Not anymore! You can buy them singly, in two-packs, ten-packs or by the dozen if you want.

What would I use KleenSlate Dry Erase paddles for?

The quick answer is that they’re good for pretty much anything you would use a pad   of paper or a dry erase board for, but they’re reusable and portable.

My kids like to use them on road trips, especially if we’re traveling with other people in other cars. They can write silly messages to each other and hold them up in the windows. (Actually, my kids would probably write silly messages for strangers, too!)


But they’re good for a whole bunch of things. The ideas are endless. In our house alone, we’ve used them in the following ways:

  • My littlest guy uses them to practice writing and drawing shapes.
  • We use them to write lists for the grocery store.
  • They’ve been used to make silly puppet faces for impromptu storytelling.
  • We’ve graphed people’s choices for foods or dinner.
  • I’ve practiced “pros” and “cons” with my kids, using the Venn Diagram feature.
  • We play word games, like Hangman or Build-a-Word phonics games.
  • We’ve used them for portable visual schedules when we’ve gone on vacation.

What would you use KleenSlate Dry Erase Paddles for?

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