HABA Toys’ Game Secret Code 13 + 4 = Fun + Learning

Kid Tester #2 and I recently had the chance to look at a very cool math game from HABA Toys:  Secret Code 13 +4. If you’re looking for an educational game with a good hook to get your kids interested, this is a great one to check out.

HABA Games’ Secret Code 13 + 4 = 5 Stars

The game provides opportunity to practice a variety of math skills, including number recognition, estimation, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The neat thing is that the way the game is set up, the players can choose which skills they use to solve the problem.
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The basic premise is this: The players need to get past the security system at a museum to get to a certain exhibit. Each checkpoint has two numbers embedded in it. Players need to roll the dice and create a mathematical problem (using the numbers they roll) to which the answer is the number to get past. Then, the player uses the remaining dice to create another problem to get past the other numbers. It’s actually kind of tough.

Once we figured out the rules, KT #2 and I played it a number of times and it really took some brain power and problem-solving skills. It’s definitely a game I would recommend to keep your kid thinking. It’s visually appealing, too!

Actually, KT #2 liked it so much he wanted to review it for you. So, here you have it, right out of the Kid Tester’s mouth:

A Review by Kid Tester # 2

Overall, 13+4 is very educational, yet interesting game. It helps you see that you can use math in many different ways. The game truly is worthy of the age range 8 and beyond. It isn’t just educational, but extremely enjoyable as well.

The board is a museum with many ancient artifacts and dinosaur skeletons. It isn’t entirely clear if you are robbers or spies, but the goal is the same. There are laser beams that set off ‘alarms’ if you go through. There are several beams that have squares for game card numbers you place upon the board.

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These are the rules: Two numbers in a horizontal line block your path each time. You have to roll six dice with the appropriate numbers to get past.The numbers you rolled on the six dice can be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided in any order you choose to get those two numbers added together, or separate, to pass. If you are only able to make one number, you cannot pass. Your goal is to get to the heart of the board to win.

I liked the game as a whole. Seriously. The rules were a bit hard to understand at first, but Mrs. Learning Treehouse and I sat down and went over the rules.Then we stopped playing Calvinball and had a good time. I love the game.

With my great review skills, (I hope you liked my first review) KT #2, also known as KT 421 (not TK 421 sadly) declares Secret Code 13+4 is an awesome arithmetic board game. Till next review, good-bye!

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