Welcome Wummelbox! A Great Monthly Subscription Box for Kids

The Wummelbox’s Time Travel box had our imagination going at full-warp speed over here at The Learning Treehouse. I’ve looked at a number of monthly subscription boxes for kids, and the Wummelbox has some really unique features to it.  And, just in case you’re wondering, Wummel is the cartoon mouse whose image is the face of the Wummelbox. (He’s very cute.)

What’s a Wummelbox?

Wummelbox is one of the newest additions to the growing selection of subscription boxes for kids that each month delivers– right to your door–all the materials and directions for theme-related activities.

Imagination and excitement, of course, are not included, that has to come from your kids. We had the opportunity to look at the Time Travel box, which was great. I can truly say it was an original idea that I had not seen in any other subscription box, which caught my attention from the get-go.

The box is geared for ages 3 to 8, so Kid Tester #1 was on the younger end of the range, but two of the four activities included really have captured and kept his imagination.

Making Cave Paintings

Cave Painting










The first one was cave painting. He put together the “cave stamps,” made his painting on the enclosed linen and promptly built a cave of chairs and blankets in which to display the painting. He even ate lunch in his cave. And was a bear… Even now, a week or so after he made the painting, he goes back to it and tells new stories about it.

Building a Time Machine

The other project that we loved was the Time Machine. I actually had to wrest it away from KT #1 to take some pictures of it! As you can see, it required a lot of fine motor skill and concentration, but it was well worth it. While KT #1 doesn’t quite understand the concept of time travel, he does “travel” from place to place.


WummelcardsBuilding on Imagination

For older Kid Testers, the learning and imaginative opportunities are plentiful with all the activities in this box. There’s also the Hunter & Gatherers game and a Stone Age story about Wummel and his friend Hedgie’s time travel adventures.

All of these activities open the floor to talk about different time periods, what types of life would have existed during each era and debating the benefits of going to one time versus another. It also allows you to have conversations about what you think the future will be like and how the role of hunters and gatherers have changed over the years.

The Bottom Line

I’m looking forward to seeing more from Wummelbox. The description cards that come with the box are colorful, provide good directions, but also leave enough room that your child can use his imagination. The materials are sturdy and the leftover paint can be repurposed for other activities once you’re done. Most of all, though, I can’t stress enough how I appreciate seeing something new.

Visit the Wummelbox website for information about pricing, FAQs and more!

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