A Round-up of Unique Father’s Day Crafts

With Father’s Day coming up , I thought I’d take a look at the unique crafts out there for kids to make. There are a lot of ideas for picture frames and handprint crafts, but I wanted to find something really creative. And I succeeded! Check out these crafts from some very crafty bloggers.



Image via Bits of Everything


Candy Gram

If you and your kids are total Nerds then you Peeps can work together to make this great poster for your Sugar Daddy! Until I saw this cool DIY Father’s Day poster on the Bits of Everything blog (and started writing this description), I never thought about how many different candy names could be worked into everyday conversation if you try hard enough.

Dad will love this thoughtful, creative and edible gift. Of course, you may want to avoid using Jelly Belly candy on the poster. For full directions, check out the link: Make a Father’s Day Candy Gram



Image via Little Family Fun

Father’s Day Goodie Bags

It may be a little cliché to get Dad a tie for Father’s Day, but these adorable goodie bags from Little Family Fun puts a new twist on an old idea. Using scrapbook paper and a brown paper grocery bag is a fun and creative way to create a gift bag for whatever you want to give Dad for Father’s Day. And if happens to be a tie, so be it!


Image via Sherri Osborn/All About Family Crafts

Walk All Over Me T-Shirt

This project from All About Family Crafts is actually categorized as a Mother’s Day present, but it works well for Dad, too. It’s not the idea of giving Dad a t-shirt that’s so original with this DIY gift—it’s the fact that this shirt doesn’t have the typical “World’s Best Father” slogan on it. I love the idea of using footprints instead of handprints on the shirt. Plus, isn’t it the truth that kids tend to “walk all over” us?

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