Plae Kids Shoes are Perfectly Designed for Little Feet

The Learning Treehouse usually reviews products that will help your child grow developmentally, so you might wonder why we’re looking at shoes. Well, the short answer is that GoPlae shoes are the first I’ve seen that take a child’s development into account. They’re amazing!

Designed specifically for kids, these colorful and appealing kicks take into account that the bones in kids feet aren’t fully calcified until they’re older and provide a completely flexible shoe–sole and all–to accommodate that.

I had the pleasure of meeting co-founder Jonathan Spier at BlogHer and to be one of the first mom-writers to see a pair of GoPlaes. I came home raving about these shoes to Mr. Learning Treehouse and my friend Stacie at Smart Mom Deals.

plae shoes ty style in silver boys shoesYou have to see these shoes,” I exclaimed! “I’ve never seen anything like them. They’re durable and sturdy and flexible and you can change the Velcro tabs so your kiddo can mix it up to be stylin’…

I’m fairly certain they thought I’d lost it, but when GoPlae graciously gave us the chance to let Kid Tester #1 put the sneakers to the test, Mr. Learning Treehouse was a quick convert. And Smart Mom Deals wasn’t far behind.

An Exclusive 20% Off for The Learning Treehouse’s Readers!

The really exciting news is that  Plae is giving The Learning Treehouse readers an exclusive launch celebration coupon code to buy some Plaes for your children! Just use the discount code: AM31  at checkout and you’ll get 20% everything (excluding gift cards) through September 2, 2013.

Here’s why you should take advantage of that: We truly have never seen a kids shoe like this. GoPlae has created a line of shoes that are attractive, high-quality, fun, and, best of all, comfortable.

Put to the Kid Tester Test

KT #1, who hates to wear anything on his feet, won’t take them off, except to change out the Velcro tabs to a different design and when we make him at bedtime. They’ve been put to the puddle test, the playground test, the hiking, skipping, running and jumping test and they’re still kicking. In fact the GoPlae sneaker barely looks scuffed.

Image courtesy of GoPlae

Image courtesy of GoPlae


There’s a full line of shoes to choose from, including mesh-sides sneakers, leather shoes in all colors and the most adorable sparkly sneaker Mary Jane shoes for girls.

Images courtesy of GoPlae

Images courtesy of GoPlae




Your child can pick out a bunch of different color tabs to go with the shoes so they can have a different look day-to-day.

The tabs simply have to be maneuvered out of the buckle by a parent and the other ones slide right in.  (I was surprised to realize the tabs are sized to match shoe size. I don’t know why, it make perfect sense.)

GoPlae Offers Easy, Online Shopping

And from a shopping perspective it’s easy, too. The site is very well-designed. It’s simple and easy to navigate. The pictures are vivid and the background displays them well so you can really see what you’re buying and you’re prompted through every step of the buying process, including a reminder to check out some extra tabs for the shoes you pick.

The only downside I can see is that  Plae shoes are a little more expensive than the shoes I would usually buy for the Kid Testers and maybe more than you’re used to spending, too. But I really do think its worth the extra expense not only for a pair of shoes that will live up to the kid test in terms of wear and comfort, but also to know that developmentally they’re more appropriate for little feet.

I suspect you’ll be seeing a lot of GoPlae as they get launched. Don’t you want to have one of the first kids on the block wearing them? (You know you do!)

Check out the site, use the exclusive code AM31 and buy your kiddos some cool kicks. Send us some action pictures, too, we’d love to see your kids Plaeing!

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