Keep Kids Organized and Safe With Mabel’s Labels

Let’s face it, if you’re going to have a house full of educational toys, games and craft supplies, you need a way to keep track of all that stuff. As my friend Sarah at OurDailyCraft points out, decluttering doesn’t have to take forever and there are ways to make it easier. One of the ways I discovered is Mabel’s Labels.

I’m a labeler by nature, so when I found out there was something I could buy that had household items, craft supplies, kids’ names and all sorts of other things already printed on them, I was excited!




Finally those bins and storage containers in our house could have something a little more uniform on them than handwritten labels. Granted, as a former teacher, I do have really nice handwriting, but still…

OK, so Mabel’s Labels are really neat. You can buy them in all sorts of combo packs: classroom packs (which would also come in handy at home), clothing labels, household labels, personalized labels and more. Some of them are microwave safe, so you can label leftovers, which I love, and some are waterproof, which with kids in the house is always a bonus.

Safety Labels!

Mabels Labels1

But, the thing I liked best of all was these labels that I stumbled upon while drooling over the site: Allergy Alert labels and 411 Wristbands. If you have a kid with food allergies, you can place the labels on his lunch box of food dishes or even his backpack.

And what I think is really great about the wristbands is they don’t reveal any personal information, they simply give “Mom” and “Dad” phone number information to call if your child gets lost. Perfect for a trip to a crowded amusement park, right?

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