Just in Time For Summer: BabbaBox Has a Summer Survival Subscription!

I’ve had an opportunity to look at a number of different subscription boxes and BabbaBox by BabbaCo is one of my favorites. That’s because it’s so educationally-focused and still entertaining at the same time. The box is filled to excess of high-quality materials and accompanying learning activities.

If you’ve never heard of subscription boxes for kids, you are definitely missing out on something cool. In a nutshell, there are many companies out there with a full complement of educational consultants, developmental experts and creative geniuses who put together an entire box worth of theme-related activities. Then they send them to your door each month for a subscription fee.

What’s in the BabbaBox?

Image: BabbaCo

Image: BabbaCo

Kid Testers #1 and #2 were thrilled to open this box, the theme of which was “You Are What You Eat”. It came with:

  • A large thematic picture book, I Will Never, Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child. It’s a hilarious story featuring the well-known TV characters, Charlie and Lola, that centers around healthy foods and ways to sneak them past your child.
  • All–and I do mean all– the materials to make a linen “Power Placemat.” KT #2 used fabric markers to trace the provided USDA MyPlate template and proceeded to draw pictures of the corresponding foods he likes to eat. (The vegetable spot was conspicuously empty.)
  • Instructions for downloading a computer game “Ziggy’s Plate,” which teaches kids how to make better food selections. Ziggy, by the way, is a character from the TV show LazyTown.
  • The materials to make a “Kid’s Create” shopping list, which KT #1 now keeps in his play kitchen and shopping cart. It was an activity that used realistic images of grocery items that could be sorted by type of food onto corresponding felt pieces, glued on and then velcroed to the outside of a durable plastic folder.
  • Bright green measuring cups, a pizza cutter and some great recipes to try out.

Is it Educational?

BabbaBox’s goal is to meet children’s’ needs to create, explore, imagine and interact. That goal is well achieved and then some. My kids practiced higher-level thinking skills, fine motor skills, incorporated technology into learning and just plain had fun!

It’s Adaptable for Special Needs, Too

Now, this is something I really appreciated about BabbaBox. Knowing that some kids don’t learn well without visual directions, there is a card in the box that provides access to a website from which parents can download visually modified directions for each activity. That’s just awesome!

It’s helpful not only for kids with special needs, but also for younger children and parents who get overwhelmed by lengthy direction booklets.

Buying BabbaBox

I’m by no means an expert on the BabbaBox, but I can read the website! It looks as though you have a ton of choices when it comes to subscribing. You can get a digital-only subscription, a monthly subscription or, just in time for summer, a 3-month Summer Survival Pack. Do it! You won’t regret it.

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