Super Duper Publications WH Question Cards Pro App IS Super Duper

I’ve been a fan of Super Duper Publications ever since I started teaching mumbledy-odd years ago and used to browse educational supply stores just for the sheer joy of it. So when I heard that Super Duper Publications had entered the app space, I was really intrigued to see what they had come up with.

Super Duper’s materials have always done a great job of teaching and reinforcing skills while also being visually appealing to kids, parents and teachers. I figured an app would be educational and I figured it would be visually appealing, but I wasn’t prepared for how impressive the WH Question Cards – Pro app really was.

Super Duper Images

The app is one of a “WH Questions” series of apps that Super Duper Publications has on the iOs market and is based on the physical Ask and Answer® WH Questions Cards. WH Question Cards Pro is designed to help kids learn how to answer questions appropriately by listening to the information in the question and using the visual cues in the picture.

I loved the imagery in this app. It was like opening one of the Super Duper Publication workbooks and having it come to life. The same clear, crisp, clean cartoonish pictures that make the physical cards so great are brought to life on the screen. They’re bright, colorful, easy to understand and there are so many of them. (56 different images PER “wh” question. That’s 280 in all!)

Even the “Wrong” Answers Are Super Duper


It wasn’t just the graphics that makes it good, it’s the fact that the incorrect answers are just as “right” as the correct ones. In this “Why” question for example, you can see that even the wrong answers are worded exactly the way a child would answer a question if he didn’t understand which “wh” to answer.

It’s hard to distill this complicated app into a basic review. It definitely teaches the skills it targets and the accompanying vocals aren’t going to drive you crazy because the woman’s voice is easy on the ears and doesn’t have the cloying “I’m asking a kid a question” sound that some apps have.

You have a number of options in the settings in terms of turning things on and off, you can have multiple players and profiles and there are a number of different levels to choose from. You can even choose your child’s target type(s) of question (Who, What, When, Where or Why?) and play in a variety of different modes.

DecoderSecret Decoder Mode

In this version, your child hears the questions and all the prospective answers, and slides a very cool-looking Secret Decoder device across the screen to see which answer is correct. It gives your child the opportunity to self-check and gain a little confidence in his abilities.





Multiple Choice Mode MCquestion

This was the mode that Kid Tester #1 loved and wanted to play over and over and over again. I could set it up so that he could hear the question and choose the right answer or so that he could hear the answer and choose an appropriate question.





MatchMatching Mode

This mode is like playing a virtual game of Memory. You can select a set number of “cards” and then your child chooses one of each color. If the answer and question match, he can touch the “Match” button.

If not, he taps the “No Match” button. I liked this mode for older children. It really gives them the opportunity to think about the information in the both the answer and the question before deciding if they match. It’s actually kind of tough!




dragndropDrag ‘n Match Mode

In this mode, your child can either read the prompt himself or have the app read it to him. It’s still like Memory, but instead of turning over cards to match them, your child can drag cards to the correction match.




Data-Tracking and Share Features

On top of all of that,this app has data-tracking and sharing features, too, so you can see the stats of how well your child is doing and share that information via email. This may not sound all that important, but it really is.

It allows you to see what types of questions give your child the most difficulty, how easily he’s picking it up and which games are the hardest for him. Plus, if your child is working with a speech therapist, teacher or an early intervention professional, you can all have that data.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line: I love this app!

I would play this app myself for hours on end if I could, but I’ve been letting the Kid Testers have a go at it. I think Super Duper has truly lived up to their name and I’m just as excited to see their products in the app space as I was to see them in the stores mumbledy-odd years ago!


Name: WH Question Cards – Pro: Who, What, When, Where, Why 

Developer: Super Duper Publications

Platforms: iPad (iOS 5 or higher)

Age group: 4+

Price: $11.99

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