Super Duper® StoryMaker App Has Great Character

I’ve been struggling to write this review of the SuperDuper® StoryMaker app for a while now, not because I didn’t like it, but because I loved it so much. I’ve had a hard time narrowing down exactly what to say that will express my enthusiasm and explain exactly why I think every parent with an emerging reader, budding videographer or child with an imaginative penchant for storytelling should rush to buy the StoryMaker app.

If you’ve read my gushing review of Super Duper Publications WH Question Cards Pro App, then you know I already was a fan of Super Duper’s workbooks and other educational materials long before they jumped into the educational app space. And you know that I think they’ve done a superb job providing the same quality and educational value in iOs form as in physical form.

Seeing and using SuperDuper® StoryMaker only solidified that belief.

A Quick (awesome)  Update from Super Duper


SuperDuper Support

Before I launch into a description of the app and its good points, I want to tell you a story about customer service and technical support, because, let’s face it, an app can be wonderful, but if you’re having trouble and can’t get support, it’s not useful to you. You won’t have to worry about that with SuperDuper Publications.

When I first tried this app, I couldn’t figure out how to record audio for the stories. I wasn’t sure if it was my error (it was) or a flaw with the app, so I emailed for help.

Within an hour, I heard back from a technical support specialist who walked me through the process step-by-step and the Kid Testers and I were on our way to creating stories complete with our own voices.

optionsThe Basics

So, the SuperDuper® StoryMaker app allows you and your child to create and tell stories. You can import your own photos, draw your own pictures and enhance the page by adding SuperDuper’s clip art for details. Or, if you prefer, you can just use the myriads of images included to create characters, a setting and other details. It’s a truly vast and detailed library.


There are over 800 images for:

  • people
  • places
  • things
  • food
  • clothes
  • transportation
  • weather
  • animals
  • time

On each page you and your child can type in text, use your own handwriting, color, and even record your own voices reading the text. (Just remember to save each audio clip after you record it–that was what I was doing wrong!) As you can see in the screenshots of the story we created, A Day at the Pool, you can see the whole storyboard on the bottom of the screen to help you keep track of how it sequences.

A Great App for Supporting Kids With Special Needs

One of the things I loved best about this app was that it has all of the pieces you need to create social stories to help your child learn how to deal with new situations or learn appropriate social conventions, as well as everything you need to create visual daily schedules. That makes it a fantastic app to work with kids with speech and language delays, autism or other developmental delays and special needs.

So Many Skills, So Little Room to Tell You

Part of the trouble I was having writing this review was trying to figure out how to detail all of the different learning skills it supports. Sequencing, story-telling, spelling, reading…the list is endless. But then I realized I could just let the app speak for itself because all the skills are listed on the info page. Take a look:


But Wait, There’s More!

The bottom line is I loved this app. The Kid Testers and I have had such fun making up stories, recording our voices and delighting in seeing our own pictures in the midst of cartoon settings.

And the really neat thing is that if you want to check it out a little bit before you invest in the app, there’s a free version of it, too. Of course the free version doesn’t have all the features enabled, but it gives you a good sense of what you’ll get if you pay the $5 for the fully-featured version.

Buy it! Create stories and share them with The Learning Treehouse; we’d love to see what you and your child can do!


Name: SuperDuper® StoryMaker

Developer: Super Duper Publications

Platforms: iPad (iOS 5 or higher)

Age group: 4+

Price: $4.99

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